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Full Version: Happy Birthday to the Man with the Money
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It is also MoneyMan's birthday

so happy birthday!

Everybody gets their own thread yaaay
yo hbd cashman
also hbd to doughman
Happy Birthday!

[Image: NINTENDO64--Conkers%20Bad%20Fur%20Day_Ma..._54_35.png]
Wow! So many birthdays today. Happy birthday, Cashman!
Happy birthday to the most valuable Robot Master!
happy birthday moneyman, wherever the heck you may be
Happy belated birthday, my good robo-man! I was concerned that people were just going to forget about your special day, but it looks like you got your own thread anyway, so better late than never!

By the way, it's also Omegajak's birthday today. I would have posted a thread, but since there's already three separate birthday threads and he hasn't exactly posted since June of last year (even though he actually visited this site as a lurker a few weeks ago), I'm not sure if giving him his own thread now would be the best idea.
Woah man I totally missed this topic! Sorry about that! Thanks everyone!