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Full Version: Crappy Birthday
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I don't wanna call anyone out just yet, but I hope you're blue over this crappy birthday. You know who you are. Angry
Wow nothing but crap in here. Crappy birthday.
Whoever said you can't polish a turd, hadn't accounted for you Craps.

Crappy B-day amigo.
Well, it's really great that people are celebrating your birthday today, CBL! What I find to extremely unfortunate to me is that the date of your birth is going to overshadow mine, so…

In any case, though, I'm proud to give you the best wishes on your special day, pal!
Wow man I've never actually gone out of my way to wish anyone a purposefully crappy birthday but

Crappy Birthday To The Crappiest Luigi Edit I Know :0)

Hope You Get Cool Crap
Crappy birthday to you.

Crappy birthday to you.

Crappy birthday Blue Luigi.

Crappy birthday to you!!!
This dude here deserves all the salutations I can give, for he is one of my truest bros of chiptune and a great friend in general!

Happy Birthday man, you deserve it.
[Image: 8EbuI.png]

thank you, everyone! my birthday has barely even started and here are all of these well-wishes oh gosh

i'll check back in later once things have actually happened, but again, thank you all!
I hope it's not a crappy birthday, lol. You deserve better~ Cake?
(05-08-2014, 10:39 AM)HandToeKnee Wrote: [ -> ]Crappy birthday Blue Luigi.

Crappy Birthday Luigi
Crappy birthday, Happy Lugi.
Crappy Birthday Blue
Crappy Brithday Blue boy.
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