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Full Version: Giana Sisters DS
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[Image: MZ9k3Bq.png]

All of this was done via screencaps. Because some shots were covered by other sprites many sprites have been edited, so it's definitely not 100% like the sprites you would find in the game itself. I got tired of ripping, so the soda machine is still unfinished.

If anybody wants to continue or submit this, go ahead. Some sprites also definitely need a better way of being ripped because they use alpha, such as the diamond SFX, bubble and jellyfish for example.

Also, excuse the terrible organisation on this sheet.
Can you put a note above the edited sprites like *edited* ?
And a note that the soda machine is not complete.

Btw, have you tried Tinke and Barubary's ripping programs? They really come in handy if you want to rip from DS games.
I'm afraid I don't remember which sprites have been edited. The bottom of the flower pot, the soda machines and the dragon boss should be the only ones, however. I haven't tried any of your suggested programs, but I might look into them if I ever pick up ripping from DS games again. Thanks for the suggestions. Anyway, I don't plan to work on this any further, but if anybody is ever interested in continuing ripping from Giana Sisters DS, you can use this as a base if you can deal with the terrible organization.

After getting a bit better at ripping with DesMuMe, I also ripped some tiles, but they are also very uncomplete. However, those are unedited.