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Full Version: A megaman SHMUP fan game.
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(04-30-2014, 09:02 PM)Terminal Devastation Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-29-2014, 01:28 PM)IndyGo Wrote: [ -> ]How long this has been under development? I'm also doing a SHMUP on Game Maker but it's more than difficult because I just jumped on whole Game Maker-train in a whim to develop things.

I'd love to provide SFX though through rips from the ARC Gradius-games and beyond though, if you want them.
It's hard to say with this, since I technically started this in C++ back in 2012, put it on hold for a while and then started over the programing when I got my hands on gamemaker about a month ago. Its mostly due to not being able to deal with the lag in the C++, and GM is just easier to use. Still use mostly code for this though.

Some gradius sound rips would be really nice.

I see. Might have still a very long way to go then, from what I can get out.

PM me up so we can talk specifics on sounds: I can rip most from the Arcade installments. Might go provide a pack of rips as a sample.
Huh, I think I see what you're going for now. And if the case is another reimagining of Megaman, then THIS is the game that should have got the title Megaman Starforce, not that weird wave-obsessed RPG we got instead. (Seriously, though, does nobody in that world have anything better to talk about than waves? I know we have a lot of smart phones in our world, but come on.)
New Version.

What's new:
-Some of gutsman's stage (complete with a partial gutsman) (Select the blank box to the right of Elec man's stage to try it out!)\
-New button: Slow down!
-Big Thanks to IndyGo: More SFX!

Still working on getting music.
New version

-Ships now auto fire default weapons
-adjustments to elecs shield... itll now perma break.

-WIP charector select
-Playable Roll
-Unlockable Megaman that uses Elec mans mug and ship image :p

I'll make Elec his own ship later... current mechanics are placeholder
New Build

New Feature:
-Fully Function Elec man
--How to unlock: Defeat Elec man with E-tanks, S-tanks, W-tanks, Powerups and weapon energy.
He'll have different quote at the start if you qualify.

Notes about Elecman's ship:
-Only the ship itself will autofire the basic weapon.
-When fully powered, Elec fires up and down, and his bits can be toggled to fire either forward or backwards.
-Also when fully powered holding fire provides a destructible shield.

=Other changes
-Guts man's stage now has a stage select visual.
-Tweaks to Elecman boss, first form weakens slightly, second form buffed.
-A few annoyingly placed enemies removed/repositioned
-Pickaxes can now be destroyed by some weapons.
-Minor tweaks to some enemies. Mostly just code cleaning. Watchers have 3 health now.
-Second forms of bosses are now harmed by the initial launch of Megaman's force. Timing it well causes multihit on Elecman. Not sure if this happens to Ice man.
-Elec's first form may also be hurt by Mega's Force.

=Secret testing feature that will be removed eventually=
Selecting a level with the bit button will send you right to the boss with full powerups. Should help anyone wanting to test out elecman save some time.
This game REALLY needs a different shooting sound; the current one makes me feel like my ears are going to start bleeding.
(05-25-2014, 05:53 PM)Midi Wrote: [ -> ]This game REALLY needs a different shooting sound; the current one makes me feel like my ears are going to start bleeding.

I'll see what I can do about this, starting with lowering the volume on the current shooting sound, and asking one question:
Is the R.Repair shooting sound better?

If so, I'll go with that one.
I don't know what the R. Repair sound sounds like. The sound isn't too loud, it's kind of, how can I put this? Sharp? You need a sound that's a bit duller, one that doesn't hurt to hear repeatedly. Volume isn't an issue; I can turn that down myself.
For now, lowering the volume is what I can do about the sound.
As for what R. Repair sounds like.
You could just go to the weapon menu an select R.Repair and try it out to see what it sounds like. Alternatively you could select the red ship in the ship select in the upper left corner of the stage select.
Or I could just tell you its a rip from Gradius, so it sounds like Vic Viper shooting.

New Version:

-Minor tweaks to a few things
-FireMan's and Guts man's Stages are now completed.
--MIGHT add another attack pattern to both Fireman's large boss, and smaller ship.
More likely to the ship than the large boss.

-Fire Storm works.
-Super Arm currently does nothing.

*Note: Complete in this case means gameplaywise. There's some dialog and other polish stuff I want to add later. Like music.
I'm determined to make this game fun, so more feedback of any sorts would be welcome.
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