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Full Version: Chubby Cherub
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Every time I think of Chubby Cherub's ugly graphics, I picture that hideous scene of him surrounded by half-eaten dogs.
—Sean Patrick Reiley, Phd.

He calls them ugly but I think they are cute, so I ripped them

[Image: mXpgHEi.png]
this includes, to my knowledge, all of the sprites besides background objects from both the English Chubby Cherub, and Japanese Obake no Q-tarō: WanWan Panic

the player character and npc sprites were all redesigned due to the original source material being unfamiliar with westerners and the title and some other cosmetic things were changed but I don't know if that warrants separate categorization on the site

and I think I got the icons right but I dunno
[Image: WYBKepC.png]
[Image: I3cwTEN.png]
Aw I wanted this one! I kinda forgot oops. :p

Awesome Zac!!