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Full Version: The Death and Return of Superman (SNes)
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If nobody is ripping anything, I'm planning to start ripping all the playable characters, except for Superman (already ripped) and Superboy (I've ripped and submitted here too), and maybe Doomsday.

Characters to rip:


The Cyborg
The Eradicator


Too bad there it's not more akin to it's comic book counterpart. I would love to rip Hal Jordan and Mongul too.
Very well, no one said anything, so I'm going to post XD

I'm going to rip the order the characters appears in-game, so it isn't hard to imagine the sequence.
Doomsday is already done.

[Image: superselectgu0.png][Image: doomsdayselectwl5.png][Image: 01cyborgoh5.png][Image: 02eradicatortz3.png][Image: sboyselectpk6.png][Image: 03steeloa5.png][Image: regenselectte1.png]
Looking good!
Indeed! Best of luck to you!
I'm currently ripping The Cyborg. Only the grabs and throws left right now, but I'm too tired to continue +_+
And I'm going to revisit my Superboy, I'm going to add his flying stuff and check the grabs and throws too, I might upload both tomorrow (Saturday)
Well, Superboy's update is going to have to wait, the next playable character is Eradicator XD

Cyborg uploaded. Post #2 updated
Meh, I hate the feeling of incomplete job. So I skipped Eradicator and updated Superboy. Now I'm going back to Eradicator. Post #2 updated too.
Eradicator uploaded and Post #2 updated

Question: after Steel should I rip Superman or not? There is one Superman here, but I'm not sure if this sheet have all sprites. Let it go or what? XP
Now Doomsday got sheet with the same style as the others, no big deal. Ripping Steel.
Uploaded Steel and Post #2 updated

So everybody? Superman or find another game to rip? XD
Superman and regeneration sheet uploaded. Post #2 updated and project's over ;p
Great work. Smile
What are you on to next?
I remember playing this game and I sucked at it. Kept dying in the first stage.

Great job.