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Full Version: A birthday to shy away from
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You guys know TheShyGuy, right? Well, his birthday is today! It's rather something that a productive coder like him was born 19 years ago. Let's wish him a good one, folks!
but you just told us to shy away from it

hbd ShyGuy
std::cout << "Happy Birthday TheShyGuy";
trace("Happy Birthday TheShyGuy!");
theShyGuy.partyHat = true;
Happy bday Shy Guy, sendin you some of them good feels, enjoy your b-day man, have a ass implodingly awesome time, not your ass imploding though, probably wouldn't be too good fact in sounds incredibly painful for anyone in general. but the shock factor, possibly a very impressive, albeit, grotesque site to see.

(tad bit buzzed, forgive mef)
happy cake day shydude. i remember you helping me with my game that other time! Wink
Day, Good, Have, Order.
Thanks everyone, I appreciate it!


theShyGuy.PlayAnimation("Thank You!");


[Image: VGGUyKM.gif]