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Full Version: Animal Crossing Cat Sprites
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i haven't really been making sprites aside from personal stuff for the past year.

Animal Crossing Cat Sprites, cause i have always been a big fan of the cats in the game, so i made all of them.

[Image: snm07r.png]
no, im not making anymore animal crossing sprites.

Edit: fixed Rovers ears, be sure you got the right file.
Love these!
I was wondering where you went off to, NO Body. It's good to see you creating sprites again!
The only thing I could crit is some of the characters have so much detail in such small sprites, that these characters can be hard to read without zooming in. I do know if you lessen the details too much, then the characters may not resemble who they're supposed to be, but I also don't know if you'd like to make bigger versions of the AC cats. Bigger sprites would give you more detail room without losing readability.
That's really cool!
Please don't necropost. Read the rules. Locked.