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Full Version: The All-Around Sprite Preview Thread
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Since I'm in the midst of ripping sprites from various consoles, and may get into the habit of looking for other games to rip once I'm finished with some of the available Magical Drop sprites, I figured it was best if I just make an all-around thread both to get feed back and corrections on what I've ripped so far before uploading them to the site.

First up, the Arcade version of the first Magical Drop

[Image: 23th75k.png]

Both Magical Drop, Chain Reaction and +1 are the same aside from some minor differences. Magical Drop lacks a start up, dropping players into the next battle after choosing their character and clearing a match and the game mode is nothing more than a page in a book, written in Japanese. Chain Reaction replaces the drops with individual pieces for each character (as shown in their sprite sheets), the game modes are in English presented in the title's background, each battle begins with a start-up animation, and every character's voice is replaced with the familiar young male actor that is in every American version of the old Magical Drop series. +1 appears to be a combination of both, adding themes from Chain Reaction, but still keeping the drops and character's individual voices.

[Image: 2h6x9hi.png] [Image: 211tlrp.png] [Image: 2ir3mf9.png] [Image: 2z59fes.png%5D] [Image: 1j6tkx.png] [Image: 21kvv9z.png] [Image: 2yoblfs.png]

I haven't known any possible way to play as World. I'm sure there's a cheat to access her, but I haven't found any sites that explained more than the mechanic and characters in the game, and I have little to no knowledge in hacking ROMs just to get the sprites I need.

Next up. the SNES port

[Image: 28qx1tu.png]

Unlike the arcade version, the SNES version is far less animated, only having idle, panic and winning poses. Instead, the characters, themselves, take the Pierrot's place in catching and moving drops around the play field. Also, much like the arcade rips, I haven't found a cheat that allows me to play as World (And I'm aware that there's a thread that points this out, but I still haven't found those cheats, nor am I going to attempt hacking the game to make her playable).

[Image: 250kzf4.png] [Image: 2cz80gi.png] [Image: 2rzc1w9.png] [Image: 2ed1rf5.png] [Image: 2z5k86s.png] [Image: 9zrthk.png]

World is still a work in progress due to what I've already stated earlier, so I figure I leave her sprite sheet out until I find a cheat that would let me play as her, or find a more reliable graphics viewer that doesn't require a savestate, or won't reject the ROM upon loading (Before anyone asks, I did use vSNES, but so far I've only figured out how to get rid of certain sprites that zSNES couldn't disable during play).
Everything shows up on MAME's tile viewer, so I don't see the problem there.
Nice work!

All of the Arcade sheets are up, but are you sure the Section Icon for SNES is right? it says the dimensions are off when I try to submit it. If you want to have them up faster, feel free to submit them on the TSR home page!
Oh.... I think I found the problem.

I accidentally took out the shadow when I cropped the image, so it's one pixel short of the required size. I'll fix the problem and upload the SNES sprites myself.

Thanks for uploading the other sprites, though.

Quick update: I've submitted the sprites, but I screwed up on Devil's icon. If you can, can you swap it with the proper icon posted in this thread? Also, I think there was a glitch in the system while submitting the Magician, so that could also be another problem to fix.
Yup, I can take care of all that! Smile
More Magical Drop uploads. This time, the Arcade and SNES version of the drops used in the game.

[Image: 2h3wkrl.png] Arcade Version [Image: 2ly4cx1.png] SNES version

The drops at the bottom of the Arcade version's sprite sheet may have been unused (perhaps early concept?), and due to my poor hacking skills I haven't found a way to implement them into the main game to see their actual palette and how they're actually animated, so you may have to take them as I've found and structured it.

Last, but obviously not least, I've finished the World Sprite Sheet for the SNES port:

[Image: 24dmyjm.png]

I did find and use the cheat to play as World, however, I also found there was a legit way of unlocking her. You have to beat Story Mode without losing a round; once the credits and character endings finish and "THE END" appears, if pressing any of the buttons does nothing, reset the game. She will be available on Endless and Two Player mode, but not Story or Puzzle Mode (Though you can still use the cheat to replace one of the characters as her, just be sure to reset the game if you're playing on an emulator that activates cheats during play, otherwise she'll be bearing the color palette of the character you chose prior to inputting the cheat).
Should all be up!
The site is back up after a long wait. What better way to celebrate than with more sprite submission by your neighborhood newbie!

I've decided to take a break from ripping Magical Drop sprites to focus on another puzzle game you may or may not have remembered from the ye ol' nightmare that was Nintendo's poor decision to localize one of its GameBoy ports (though that could also be blamed on the fact that it was the first game released before the one I'm currently submitting).

[Image: 15xwgg8.png]

To those who do remember the old chisel out a picture with Mario game, this is actually the second of the three games (That I'm aware of), hence why I'm uploading those sprites first (That, and Mario's Picross didn't have a whole lot that didn't carry over into it's GameBoy sequel).

[Image: 25aj5nl.png] [Image: 3343sbr.png]

The speech bubble in Mario and Wario's background can't be removed by conventional means. Viewing it on vSNES only takes away the gradient sky, so it may have been fixed onto the rest of the background sprites (though this shouldn't stop you from editing it out by hand).

[Image: fy31pf.png] [Image: 30mwnqw.png]

This was no accident in ripping. These are how the backgrounds came out when viewed with vSNES. They probably expected to show more than what could fit on 90's TV screens.

[Image: nod5x5.png] [Image: 2hq3vx1.png] [Image: 20b1j0z.png]

This may or may not lead into spoiler territory, given a puzzle needs to be solved through trial end error (though in the case of Wario's puzzles, frustration is the last thing one would want to experience). But since Mario no Super Picross (And the Picross NP series) animate some of their puzzles after completion, I figured it wouldn't hurt to rip and submit them along with the other sprites in the game.