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Full Version: VOTING TIME - game gors
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So, let's vote for the best entry, shall we?

Which game would you like to play if they were released?

Here's the entries and their explanations, for reference. YOU MAY VOTE ONLY ONCE!


[Image: oXCNct4.png]
[Image: woLFYV3.png] Hiyna

[Image: bIpahZ7.gif]
[Image: 5dquP2S.png] Virtuaboy123
"Would've been a rpg where there are multiple routes and choices of what you could do."

[Image: GGatre2.png]
[Image: GGhera2.png] SchAlternate
"RIVAL LEGENDS: Double the legends, double the rivalry!"

[Image: kamigame_mock_01.gif]
[Image: Xhnpt8W.png] Kitsu

[Image: 3op4T6k.gif] Sengir

[Image: b8iWeq4.png]
[Image: KEsiIqe.png] Gwen
" It's a mix of beat em up/rpg set in a huge SCIFI city, in which LIMB CORP will saddle citizens with unpayable bills for their new bionic limbs and prosthetics, and then come back and take back the prosthetics, leaving said person immobile. The main character Gwen(sounds familiar hmm) is fighting back against the dirty tactics of Limb Corp with her self made bionic arm and prosthetic legs, not only wanting to end the oppression, but also to not become immobile herself. As the second screenshot shows, you can race, and play other little games to pass the time when not on a mission, and there are also chase scenes and all that jazz. Boss fights consist of Limb Corps highest ranked assassins, and enemies consist of thugs, the desperate, and henchmen of Limb Corps."

[Image: screen%20animation.gif]
[Image: screenshot.png]
"Alright, so my game is Hot Shots Poker Slots, It's a puzzle game exclusively developed for
the Game Gors. The idea is that you have five reels, like in a slot machine, with various Playing card values on them (Spades, Hearts, Queen, Aces and the like) and you slide the reels (the columns) to produce various poker hands in the middle row (such as 2 pair, 3 of a kind, full house, etc.) to score points."

[Image: vmpER6X.png]
[Image: URi84lB.png] Recolorme
So we can't vote based just on liking the work and only if we like what we can see as a game?

For example, if you would play a game like Flannel/Gwen's but prefer the art in Kitsu's?
Honestly, I'd play all of them. With that many ideas, why not just keep the list and make them all? You could make a neat little indie game group. And if you make them in SDL, I could help with porting. I have too many virtual machines, heheh.
This is a different way of picking an entry, i agree. But, we cannot just choose the pretty one. We need to seethe ideas too,because a game is not just graphics, or just ideas. Its the balance between both!

So, pick the entry you believe youd have more fun with!
What about me?
Why didnt i close it yet?

(actually ive been sick and really exhausted so i havent been really around here

This being said, VIRTUABOY wins this compo! Congratulations!
I may make another compo when my mom stops playing candy crush