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(01-28-2014, 07:32 PM)Virtuaboy123 Wrote: [ -> ]Even better.
(Asshole Corparation, where we make games you will never beat!)

Are you also going to include some Kaizo traps in you game in that case?
Anybody know of a good, simple free animator I could use on a Mac?
[Image: Xhnpt8W.png]
[Image: 3op4T6k.gif]

added a coat of polish before i move onwards

e: welp, used url of wrong tab. thanks kitsu
[Image: b8iWeq4.png]

[Image: KEsiIqe.png]

If I can find an animation program, I'll probably make a title screen intro thing, but here's what I've got.

Game: It's a mix of beat em up/rpg set in a huge SCIFI city, in which LIMB CORP will saddle citizens with unpayable bills for their new bionic limbs and prosthetics, and then come back and take back the prosthetics, leaving said person immobile. The main character Gwen(sounds familiar hmm) is fighting back against the dirty tactics of Limb Corp with her self made bionic arm and prosthetic legs, not only wanting to end the oppression, but also to not become immobile herself. As the second screenshot shows, you can race, and play other little games to pass the time when not on a mission, and there are also chase scenes and all that jazz. Boss fights consist of Limb Corps highest ranked assassins, and enemies consist of thugs, the desperate, and henchmen of Limb Corps.

Rated M for Mallard.
(01-30-2014, 10:18 AM)Gwen Wrote: [ -> ][Image: KEsiIqe.png]
i hate to be that guy but I'm looking at these screens and nearly dying from the badassery in them ;D ;D
I'll fix that quick lol.
I don't even know how I spelt that wrong, geez.
[Image: screen%20animation.gif]
animated splash screens and title

[Image: screenshot.png]
Basic Gameplay screen

Alright, so my game is Hot Shots Poker Slots, It's a puzzle game exclusively developed for
the Game Gors.

I might animate the gameplay screenshot if I get time, but there are like a lot of moving images moving at different
speeds, and I don't really have the time (or patience) to sort that headache out right now, So I guess you'll just have
to imagine the blinky lights and spinny reels Smile

I've actually really enjoyed this activity, and I may even try to bring this game idea to life at some point Smile
I'm late and don't have the time Sad (Busy with other projects and life)
This is what I did with time I had to spare:
[Image: 5kqknuN.png]
It's an asset for Princess Fantasy Pocketventure, a Game Gors port of Princess Fantasy Catventure. Use "Ctrl" + "+" if you hate to squint your eyes.
Maybe I'll get a screen done, I don't know. For now, have an asset.
[Image: vmpER6X.png]

[Image: URi84lB.png]
Updated and stuff.
[Image: GGatre2.png]

[Image: GGhera2.png]
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