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Full Version: VOTING TIME - colors [deadline: 01/16]
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Voting thread poll for the sprite competition 'colors'.


end date: Tomorrow, January 16th
voted for WAAAAAluigi.

A lot of the other entries are pretty good too, though
I voted for Zadaben because I like how he used the colors to create better shading and highlights than I would ever active with such a limited palette. I would also like to vote for Sevenstitch for a similar reason, but since I could only choose one...
I voted for the mouse guy. I liked it.
Kitsu-nee has my vote.
It was close, but EpicEbilninja beat Kitsu-nee by a hair IMO.
The Waluigi is awesome, but EpicEbilninja's sprite looks like it came straight from a retro game.
If I weren't in it, I'd vote for Zadaben, for the sheer fact that he was able to get so much depth into that turtle with just a handful of colors. I'm just now realizing that anything green had a perfect amount of colors for at least 3-4 levels of shading.
Year of Waluigi lesago
[Image: E5G4N27.gif][Image: walugi.png][Image: E5G4N27.gif]

Kitsu's Waluigi wins this competition! Congratulations!

[Image: E5G4N27.gif]

I'll open a new competition soon, so stay alert!