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Hello there!

I'm a long-time silent follower of this site and have been doing some pixel work over the last few months so I wanted to open this thread to provide an overview over the sheets I've done. I will also post revised sheets here in case I notice some mistakes.

Anyway, on to the sheets and I hope you like the ripped stuff. I'm always open for advice or suggestions, so please don't keep silent if there's anything you want to comment!

(Please note that the sheets in this post have already been published on the site, but I wanted to keep everything in this thread to have a better overview for myself.)



[Image: SNES_MortalKombatII-TitleScreenLogo_icon.png]

[Image: SNES_MortalKombatII-TitleScreenLogo.png]

[Image: SNES_MortalKombatII-MenuElementsFonts_icon.png]

[Image: SNES_MortalKombatII-MenuElementsFonts.png]



[Image: SNES_NBAJamTE-TitleScreenLogo_icon.png]

[Image: SNES_NBAJamTE-TitleScreenLogo.png]

[Image: SNES_NBAJamTE-MenuElementsFonts_icon.png]

[Image: SNES_NBAJamTE-MenuElementsFonts.png]



[Image: SNES_Shadowrun_icon.png]

[Image: SNES_Shadowrun-NPCAvatars_icon.png]

[Image: SNES_Shadowrun-NPCAvatars.png]

[Image: SNES_Shadowrun-MenuElementsFonts_icon.png]

[Image: SNES_Shadowrun-MenuElementsFonts.png]


On a final note, thanks for the warm welcome, Dazz & spriters community!

SNES? I instantly like you. Welcome!
Thanks Ton =)

There are just too many SNES games I love that don't even have a section on this site yet, and I'm looking to change that. For example, WWF Raw.

The sheet below is just the first; I'm also in the process of ripping almost any menu art, fonts, faces etc. from the game and will probably submit that sheet later as well. But for now, here goes:



[Image: SNES_WWFRaw_icon.png]

[Image: SNES_WWFRaw_TitantronWrestlerLogos_icon.png]

[Image: SNES_WWFRaw_TitantronWrestlerLogos.png]


Hope you guys like this sheet and my other rips and/or can make use of them =)
Yup! I'll be the first to say that we have a lot of gaps on the site when it comes to sports games, especially.
It's up!
First of all, a happy new year to all fellow spriters and visitors!

New year, new sheets, so I contribute yet another WWF Raw resource, which took me quite some time to assemble.



[Image: SNES_WWFRaw_MenuElements%252BFonts_icon.png]

[Image: SNES_WWFRaw_MenuElements%252BFonts.png]


Hope you all slipped into 2014 happily and healthy - unlike me, who was struck by a cold just after Christmas. At least it sped up the completion of this sheet =)
Hello again,

first of all, my heartfelt sympathies for Mr Petie and his accident ^^ I would probably still be in despair, so I commend you guys on trying to get everything up again as quickly as possible.

Second, here's a game that hasn't been featured on the site so far, so let me contribute to change that =)



[Image: SNES_BestOfTheBest_icon.png]

[Image: SNES_BestOfTheBest-Characters%252BOpponents_icon.png]

[Image: SNES_BestOfTheBest-Characters%252BOpponents.png]


On a side note, I think it's funny how having characters with such clichée features and names in your games nowadays would probably be considered racist on the spot =)
Just a little new sheet today - the pixel Matrix from the 1993 SNES Shadowrun.



[Image: SNES_Shadowrun-MatrixGraphics_icon.png]

[Image: SNES_Shadowrun-MatrixGraphics.png]


Enjoy =)
Update for another new SNES game to be added to the VGR/SR roster: WWF WrestleMania - The Arcade Game.

This sheet took me quite a while, but it should include about 100% of all the menu resources.



[Image: SNES_WWFWrestleManiaArcade_icon.png]

[Image: SNES_WWFWrestleManiaArcade-MenuElementsFonts_icon.png]

[Image: SNES_WWFWrestleManiaArcade-MenuElementsFonts.png]


As always, enjoy and I hope someone can make use of it =)
Good stuff! So do you primarily do sports stuff?
(01-21-2014, 03:30 PM)Ton Wrote: [ -> ]Good stuff! So do you primarily do sports stuff?

Hey there Ton =)

Didn't see your reply earlier because I forgot to turn on reply notifications, but no, not primarily. I'm actually recapping some SNES stuff from my childhood/youth right now and just try to grab some of the resources I haven't seen online anywhere so far. As a long-time SR fan, I wanted to give something back for once, you know ;D

At the moment, I'm playing the Japanese version of Shadowrun, looking for all the little differences and additions. For example, there is an entirely new animated AI sprite appearing after the final battle, which wasn't included in both the US or German versions. Also, the title logos aren't stretched as those in the better known versions.

So, I'm pretty spread over all the genres and dunno what's ahead =)

Anyway, thanks for the kind words, and I also have minor corrections for some of my sheets I'll post here in the upcoming weeks. I hope it's not too much of a hassle to replace some of the sheets on the site, as some have some minor issues (like a few pixels that I overlooked, or a cleaner layout) that I fixed. Won't be happening with the future sheets, but since those are my first babies in the sprite ripping section after all, I hope it's no biggie =)
Sounds great! I'll keep my eye on the topic!
I didn't know the Japanese Shadowrun was so different. I haven't even played the SNES one, though I hear it's great.
(01-23-2014, 02:16 PM)Ton Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds great! I'll keep my eye on the topic!
I didn't know the Japanese Shadowrun was so different. I haven't even played the SNES one, though I hear it's great.

Yes, it is! Or was, for its time. Completely different from the Genesis version, but I never liked that one to begin with.

And thanks! =) I'm always open for feedback and suggestions for the sheets btw, since I'm still "new" to the forum and resource submitting thing. And although I'm spending way too much time ripping stuff these days, I have to admit that it's quite fun to do so ^^ always been a fan of pixel (art) anyway hehe.
I've only played the Genesis one, and I was horrible at it.
Here comes the first thoroughly revised sheet including all the character images from the dialog menus in Shadowrun for SNES. This sheet entirely replaces the earlier posted "NPC Avatars" sheet.

A few of the updates on this sheet:

• Images now have the correct Snes9X color palette instead of the former and slightly differing ZSNES palette
• Divided all avatars in three character groups and added descriptions indicating the characters connected to the individual avatars
• Added missing images for Anders', Jetboy's, Spatter's and the Helicopter Pilot's less noticeable secondary avatars that only appear under certain conditions
• Changed sheet name to "Character Avatars" because it contains not only NPCs but also player characters and added a new preview image
• Additional minor corrections

To sum it up, this one is about 100% complete unlike the earlier version.



[Image: SNES_Shadowrun-CharacterAvatars_icon.png]

[Image: SNES_Shadowrun-CharacterAvatars.png]


More new stuff and revisions are coming soon, but for now I hope you all have a fun weekend!
Today's sheet brings you Shadowrun's final boss AI animation, a sprite that was only included in the Japanese version of the game. I cannot say for what reason, though - maybe the Japanese producers requested a more "visible" boss for the player to create a better sense of accomplishment after the final showdown, or maybe the sprite wasn't finished when the US and German versions were released. Anyway, this one's a rarity and for those interested in what it looks like in-game, here's a GIF for your convenience:

[Image: shadowrun-ai.gif]



[Image: SNES_Shadowrun-AnimatedAI_icon.png]

[Image: SNES_Shadowrun-AnimatedAI.png]


I placed this in the new Characters section, but forgot to place the Character Avatar sheet into the same category, so maybe that one can be placed under Characters as well.

Also ripping the game maps right now, so there's more to come for that game. Until then, enjoy the sheets posted so far!
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