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Full Version: Ball Thread - the Challenge [JOIN NOW!]
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This thread is about balls. Are you good at balls? So this place might be for you

The catch is, do you see this ball here?

[Image: h4RVENE.png]

I think you do, huh! So I have a challenge for your ball-manipulating abilities: paint it! Easy, isn't it?

But this isn't thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat easy either: I want you to be creative with this ball. Shade it, draw on it, make a colorful pattern. The prettier you make it, the better! Take the 60x60 space as a challenge, and surprise me.


1-You may make many balls as you want.
2-You CAN draw outside the ball, but the pink will be alpha transparency. DONT OVERDO IT THOUGH: your focus is the ball, capiche?
3-You may alter the ball's outline, but it must remain roughly a ball. No squares or triangles or icosahedrons, those are inferior to the perfect shape that is the ball.
4-You may use as many colors as you want: there are no palette limitations.
5-Even balls have deadlines too. Participation is free until November 30th.
6-Remember, the forum rules still apply here. So no NSFW things!!
7-If you spend little to no effort in your ball, the angry Ball God will destroy you. But no, seriously: I will delete any piss-poor entries. If it persists I will be considering warning the poster, so please be creative this time. THAT'S ALL

Do you have the balls to participate in this challenge????
is this basically a sprite compo?
It appears to be more of a sprite activity, rather than a compo, which i'm completely fine with

folks seem more willing to participate in these things when the only real pressure is the deadline

I've been hoping that sprite activities would show up again, I've missed them Smile
[Image: xAwd2Ok.png]

It's actually not a ball at all... But a portrait of key figures in the history of Flowatoga

Either that or a magic orb that can see through time itself!
When I saw this sprite project, I decided to give it a try for myself! What do you think of this?
[Image: Moonexp_zps0267d5cc.png?t=1385253133]

Normally, I would have just been satisfied with the moon above, but I decided to experiment with anti-aliasing with the moon below. Is it a little too much?
Anything goes, pal! Though the ball god wont be happy with just two entries! Invite more people and make more entreis to satisfy him!
[Image: u2q17eM.png]
[Image: NAPVeTj.png]
[Image: T3zSdDG.png]
[Image: 973f58543072051593ba44b3cee6efc1.png]
[Image: Super_Mario_Bros.png]
Probably should've done more than just sprite an unoriginal, unshaded, and unbalanced pic with some pseudo-lighting, but I think it all worked well.
it's ok! you can make more if you want Smile
4-Color Checkers Sphere!

[Image: checkers_sphere_by_dragondeplatino-d6vh36q.png]
[Image: a9e14e2f97bf5c64eb24f7b5b73aa1ba.png]
[Image: jhNacJQ.png]
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