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Full Version: Super Smash Bros.: Sega Sony Showdown!
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hello! me and a friend are working on a game on DeviantART and i decided to show some sprites from here, mainly characters and stages.

Maxwell (character from the ScribbleNauts universe):

PictoChat (SSBB stage):

please post your opinions and tell me if i missed a detail or two (or three) on the sprites.
those maxwell sprites need some work, but shouldnt this thread go in the sprites and pixel art section?
(10-26-2013, 11:14 PM)recolorme Wrote: [ -> ]yea,this is V1, and it's part one of 2. but thanks! and this goes in game dev. because it's being worked into a game.
Why is Maxwell in "Sega Sony Showdown"? Why would your first character reveal for a game which uses Sega and Sony as selling points be an unrelated third-party character?

Maxwell's NOT nintendo?
someone should do their homework.
(10-28-2013, 06:54 PM)Gors Wrote: [ -> ]someone should do their homework.

I guess i should. but just consider him a random character, k? i did'nt know Big Grin