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I made a small update to this sheet when I noticed I missed a couple sprites but I didn't really want to make a whole topic just for it ... so I figured I'd make a general submission thread for myself because I'm going to need it eventually.

Anyways here's a sheet I updated:

[Image: SMB3_Hero.png]

No icon because you guys already have one.
Sorry, but what's different about it?
I'm guessing it was already updated, since the one posted on this thread matches the one on the site.
Not much, just a few sprites that I missed of their "small" form. Specifically the "going down a pipe" and "climbing a vine" sprites.
Okay I'm not actually submitting these just yet - I'll make some icons and upload them myself once I do - but I just wanted to show off what I've been working on lately.

[Image: Game_KidDracula2.png]

For those of you unaware (which is probably the majority of you as it's a rather obscure title), Kid Dracula is a spinoff of Konami's Castlevania series, and a self-declared parody (much like Parodius, which Kid Dracula makes a cameo in). In this two-game series you play as a young Dracula who has to fight his own minions who have fallen under control of the evil alien overlord Garamoth.

So yes, the game is basically Vampires vs. Aliens.

Despite it's cartoony look suggesting that this title is aimed at little kids, this game is actually pretty hard; on par with the NES Castlevania titles. Your main attack is a fireball (if you are unaware, Dracula traditionally uses fireballs as his main attack in the Castlevania series) which can be charged up to throw a larger and stronger shot. He also starts the game with the ability to transform into a bat for a few seconds. Other spells are gained after defeating bosses, such as throwing bats, a spray of homing bullets, an exploding shot, the ability to walk on ceilings, and an umbrella that acts as a shield.

Overall the game is a combination of cuteness, fun humor, and "RAWR WHY IS THIS GAME HARDER THAN IT LOOKS".

[Image: KidDracula_Title.png]

[Image: KidDracula_Password.png]

[Image: KidDracula_Cutscene1.png]

[Image: KidDracula_Hero.png]
These are great!
Here's the first three bosses:

[Image: KidDracula_Halloween.png]

The Ghosts of Halloween (past, present, and future) is a pretty amusing fight. It begins with the little ghost hopping about and shooting at you. Then when you defeat him, he runs off crying and fetches his daddy, who is a bit tougher. Then when he is defeated, he fetches the grandfather ... who wanders around a bit before promptly collapsing from exhaustion. He then has to be dragged offscreen.

[Image: KidDracula_Jason.png]

Jason is kind of out of place in this series I must say. He's not really the kind of "classic" monster you'd usually expect to find in a Castlevania title. My favorite part of this fight is when he realizes his axe isn't doing him any good and is all "f*ck it, I'm getting my shotgun".

[Image: KidDracula_Chicken.png]

Hey, you know how in the early Castlevania games you can find chicken in the walls? Well apparently this chicken is a ghost of one of those, whom Dracula supposedly ate. I'd really like to know how a ghost is still able to spurt out babies.

[Image: KidDracula_Cutscene2.png]
Looking good!
May I state my opinion on these sprites and the game itself?

After looking at what you have, Drshnaps, I have to say that this game sounds very hilarious and maybe I should look into it sometime. Even though this game is (from what I've heard so far) supposed to be a spinoff of the Castlevania games, it looks to me that is has more in common with Super Mario Land 2, Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, and some of the earlier Kirby games. It's funny, the bosses are zany (the Halloween Ghosts crack me up), and it's just full of surprises (the moment where Jason pulls out a gun instead of using his ax sounds hilariously random to me)! Are you sure Komami was the one that created and published this game? It looks more like the game one of Nintendo's development teams would have made when the Game Boy was still a big thing.

Either way, I like what I see, Drshnaps, and I am eagerly waiting for any other surprises you have in store for us!
[Image: 4510.png]

[Image: 58258.png]

[Image: 58259.png] [Image: 58266.png] [Image: 58267.png] [Image: 58268.png] [Image: 58269.png] [Image: 58270.png] [Image: 58271.png] [Image: 58272.png] [Image: 58273.png]

[Image: 58261.png] [Image: 58275.png] [Image: 58276.png] [Image: 58277.png] [Image: 58278.png]

[Image: 58260.png] [Image: 58262.png] [Image: 58263.png] [Image: 58264.png] [Image: 58265.png] [Image: 58274.png]
Amazing, holy shit.
Sorry to double post, but the Title Screen upload seems to be the Minigame Menu & Number Game sheet. Sick
(11-28-2013, 06:16 AM)Dazz Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry to double post, but the Title Screen upload seems to be the Minigame Menu & Number Game sheet. Sick
Seeing as how Drshnaps had the original sheet a bit earlier in the topic, it was an easy fix.
I just wasn't sure if he had made changes since then. But yeah... You're right.
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