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Full Version: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Mugen no Frontier EXCEED project
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I have begun ripping my way through this game.
The whole animation gets arranged in this very wide format due to me exporting the frames.
I can do it all one frame at a time if need be.
It is way too tiny to see...
It has been resized, as RTB said.
Upload it to Imgur.

With regards to the extremely long animation, try to cut out duplicates and make reference to the animation order in text, or arrows, or something. There is likely a repeated animation point in there.
Hows this look? I had some trouble finding a place that would properly load it.
Doing it one pic per frame should be no trouble at all and I'd be able to avoid the overly large pictures.
Yeah, looking at that, there are a couple points when the animation is just moving a still sprite up and down... It really takes up 50-60 frames that it doesn't need to for a sprite sheet.
Ah, I've already made some progress doing it frame by frame.
I may need to resize those boxes to fit if they end up too big.
I was wondering when someone was gonna get through the game eventually, from what I understand (and from experience) this game's quite tricky to rip properly, mainly due to some of the roms themselves having an odd setup and my comp being screwy lately (as in, I can't get it myself due to a rather lovely error message).

With that I think it's unanimous that the files are too tiny to see, I think you might want to re-organize them so that the files might be visible, and I'd rather you'd just rip it in parts, due to the animation setup being similar to Shining Force Feather in a way, plus makes going through the game MUCH faster.
It'll be much faster, but I've yet to find the effects for the sake of completeness.
So piece by piece it is, just like when I tried to rip SRWJ.
Sorry for the necropost but all sprites are ripped including the swap pallete enemies.
All I need to do is figure out a way to organize them without it being confusing.

Had no web for a VERY long time.
I would suggest one sheet for one character/monster including the palettes. I would also put descriptions above every animation row like "Attack", "Walking", etc.
Good idea, I'll be working on that but I can't exactly say when I'll be done through.