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Full Version: Zelda: LttP engine in Flash
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I'm working on a Zelda engine in Flash right now, it'll be based after A Link to the Past.

Any glitches you notice, please inform me! Here's the link (you can play it online without downloading it):

When you open the game, here's what you'll see:

1. A magenta background, subject to change. Making it look nice isn't my primary concern right now, and the way I'm developing hardly ever uses the canvas so everything is attached by script. It'd be too difficult right now to make it look *and* play good.
2. An N64 logo that'll come and go in a couple seconds (OoT-inspired).
3. A title screen with a very crude logo; just press Enter.
4. Pick an empty save slot with Up/Down keys and Enter, and enter a name.
5. A menu you navigate with Up and Down keys and Enter to select. Start Game will send you to the very basic test map I have; Options will take you to a screen you can't exit, and it has nothing but some text that informs you that it's the options page and it has also cleared your save data (I use it for debugging); and Credits is another page you can't exit with minimal text.
6. If you chose Start Game, you'll be put in a small area with three octoroks throughout (the octoroks are purple squares whose only AI at the moment is to shoot, rotate 90 degreees, and repeat.)

The sword works with the spacebar. The shield blocks octorok rocks if you're facing them. (Also, the shield is an ugly grey rectangle). The other items *do not* work and are only there because I went ahead and designed part of the HUD.