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Full Version: InfinitySoul(Working Title, Hiring Artists)
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Well I am making a game(Duh). I'm doing some of the coding for it along with my fiance and a mutual friend of ours. However I am currently in the need of a pixel artist or a group of them. I figured coming to the Spriters/VG resource forums would be a nice place to look for such things. I'm also looking for someone to manage making some background music and sound effects. Currently I can get the coding work for it to at least have a playable Alpha in a couple months, however without an artist to at least pretty up the appearance of the game, it won't go very far. I am willing to pay a pixel-artist for ORIGINAL art. It's okay if your art has a similar style to games out there, as long as it is not completely based or ripped from other games.

Anyway, What exactly is InfinitySoul?

Well InfinitySoul is a combination of your Standard RPG mixed with a Role Playing community. For those who do not know what the writing art of Role Playing is, you could google it. It's basically making a character and acting out how that character would act with a group and developing your very own character, however instead of writing alone you are writing with other apart of that current Role-play community. I may add a verison that's not Role-play oriented eventually. It is based in a High-Fantasy setting with a Bit of Magi-Tech things like Magic Cannons and Airships and the like. It will have a nice sized community for its purposes and be Free-to-play but have some bonuses for cheap monthly subscriptions, the monthly subscriptions would also go toward game development funds so I won't have to pay ALL of it out-of-pocket. The game will constantly evolve with what happens in-character, and who knows, may eventually evolve into a sci-fi based game given time.

It's combat would be like a real-time-combat RPG, think of Kingdom Heart's combat but in a 2D setting, there will be skill-trees you can invest in, both magic and physical. Customization starts at creation, you will be able to create a personal look and name for your character, Follow skill trees, and various In-character organizations/guilds to join, as well as various races with special perks in certain magic trees as well as their unique Racial skill-tree.

Magic will start off with Darkness, Holy, Fire, Water, Wind and Earth magic, however the basic four elements promote to powerful magic like Lightning or Ice, and then if you combine the basics with Darkness or Holy you can get things like Solar Magic or Blood Magic. I will be adding Powerful Stand-alone magics as well, such as time magic, as well as summoning.

Magic and Weapons will both have an advantage/disadvantage chain and there will be four weapon types, Hand-to-Hand, Swords, Spears and Axes Hand-to-hand will be neutral where as, any Fire-Emblem fans will get to see the usual Weapon Triangle with the other three. Archery will also be a thing.

The game is inspired by mechanics from various RPGs as well as other mechanics I have thought up in my head or my Co-owner of the game has. However once I get the game in production and a decent community specifically toward it I will be open toward community suggestions for production, but I want the base outline of the game designed by myself, my fiance and our friend.

The game is currently planned to have five races at the beginning of project's launch two of which have sub-races, Those being Humans, Dracomorphs, an Elven-like race, Onis and a Cat-person race. Each with unique skill trees and character stat-build types. The game is still in basic stages of planning but I -know- I will need an artist once everything is formally planned and set in stone. Most things are set in stone, but there is still room for developmental and planning changes.

Depending on the quality and consistancy of art submissions depends on the pay you will receive for doing them, however all developers will receive a Lifetime free subscription to the game once it goes public, to go along with the pay.

Bug testers will also be needed for early production on the closed servers, so if your interested in doing that as well tell me! I may also look for management for the game. Moderators and Administrators as well as Event masters to make sure the rules are followed and to make sure there are regularly scheduled events both in Role-play and out of to keep the community happy, these are volunteer position and will not recieve pay, however. At least not until most the artwork needed for the game is finished, that's where most of the game's budget will go to.

The base-sprite for players should be able to fit within a 32x32 pixel set, and the larger sprites, say for demonic boss creatures and Dragons, can go up to 96x96 pixels per frame.

Things I will need sprited and I am willing to have one pixel-artist per area.
Player Sprites, including the base sprite, Hair sprites and clothing, as well as player-animations
Map/turf sprites, basically grasses and the waters and the like.
Monster and other NPC sprites, things like Dragons and Demons.
Skill Art, Both animations for magic attacks, buffing abilities, melee abilities, Area-of-Effect animated tiles.

Anyway, if you guys are interested in helping with the game either with art or music and sound effects you can do some of the following to contact me. I will discuss payments over e-mail or skype as well as see a sample how your art/music through more private channels.
1)Leave a message in this thread.
2)Skype me, PoisonCupcake93 Name should be Victoria if you have a hard time finding me.
3)E-mail me at