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Full Version: Blaze the Cat - Retro Style (Updated!)
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Hey guys, it's been a while. Tongue Despite that length of time, I've came back to pixel art for a while to wrap up some things I didn't get around to finishing, namely my sheet of Blaze the Cat! (Which a Sonic 2 hacker has motivated me to complete for his hack, and now you guys get to benefit from it as well.) These animations were shockingly easier to add than I previously thought; guess I've improved on anatomy a lot since posting the original sheet.

Much to my annoyance, the original topic was locked, so I had to start a new one to post this much-needed update. If organization is important, I'd have no problem if a mod merged this post with the original thread and unlocked it.

The sprite sheet is complete enough to use in a hack of Sonic 1 or 2, with the addition of the mobius running sprites, two different sets of jumping animations, and variants of those sprites for the super form. Anymore sprites I make would be related the ending and such, so they'll probably come in a separate sheet when I make those. Genki ^_^

[Image: blaze_the_cat___cylentnite_style___anima...4vmy1p.png]

[Image: 1-11.png]
Hey! Awesome job! I'll have this up shortly!
Thanks, Ton. ^^ Feels good to have another submission to the Resource again.