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Full Version: Kingdom Hearts: Darkness Falls
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If the title didn't already say it, I'm working on a game involving Kingdom Hearts models. It will play like a turn-based strategy with Heartless vs. Nobodies, either side being playable. Curently I'm in the asset collection/production phase.

The selection here has been great in regards to the major players in the game, but some of the lesser Nobodies and Heartless that aren't on here I'm having trouble finding at all over the internet. Seeing as I'm still a rookie to this, I thought that I would ask the experts (namely all of you).

In addition to the Twilight Thorn Nobody,
I'm looking for these Heartless:
-Trick Ghost (KH2)
-Surveillance Robot (KH2)
-Aeroplane (KH2)
-Hammer Frame (KH2)
-Assault Rider (KH2)
-Zip Slasher (358/2 Days)
-Leechgrave (358/2 Days)
-Devastator (KH2)
-Giga-Shadow (358/2 Days)
-Dark Follower (358/2 Days)

Are the 358/2 Days ones feasible for upload, or is the DS-conversion too tricky?

Also, I planed to use the Grim Reaper Heartless. However, the one provided here has a problem with me: the mesh and the texture don't line up. Sad Has anyone else had a similar problem?
Alright, game progress: I have decided not to use the models originally planned for this game, instead substituting ones that do exist on this site.

However, after a bit of tinkering with the Grim Reaper model, I still can't get it to work. The textures for its normal form are working fine, but I'm having trouble placing the ones for its cursed form. They don't line up no matter what technique I try, and I can't simply delete the cursed form. Sad Has anyone worked with the Grim Reaper model provided on this site who can give me some advice as to how to wrangle it?
New plan. Instead of the Grim Reaper Heartless, I went with a different Heartless with a similar transformation.

Now I find myself the Nobodies, though. So far I only have the Dusk, the Berserker, the Sniper, and the Dragoon. Any idea where to find the others, or any idea when they'll be available here?
I don't know if you are indeed working on your game. there is no proof of it at the moment. Please add screenshots of the progress and talk about it. Make people interested in your game.

Failing on doing this will result in a thread lock.
Embarassed Oh, my bad. Thanks for the advice. Shy Let's see... here's a few at the moment.

Darkness Falls Assets 1
Darkness Falls Level 1-5 Assets Gathering

After a bit of rethinking and shuffling around identities, I have managed to completely fill the Heartless roster in my game. I have also begun to organize the assets into their respective levels (see the second of the two "screenshots" I submitted in my last post for a basic example).

I'm still missing a good amount of the Nobodies, though, mostly because I have yet to develop them. There weren't enough originals for my needs, so I'm going to incorporate the minions I designed for my twelve original Nobody characters (as well as the Nobodies themselves).

As for the game itself, I have developed a majority of the basic codes for it, only needing to develop the game engine and apply my custom animation codes to the models.