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Full Version: DDP's Submissions
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Added a big ol' spritesheet from a NetHack project I did. Quite proud of it. Also, could I have all of these submitted? I put them in the forum months ago but they're not on the site yet. Shy

Zelda Series - Miscellaneous - Official Art Characters

Mega Man Series - Friendly Characters - Power Suit Roll

Undertale - Monsters

Fantasy Chess - All Pieces

Zelda Series - Link

Zelda Series - Friendly Characters - GB Characters

Zelda Series - Enemies - GB Big Tektite

NetHack - Everything

Sorry, it seems that because of the new submissions system that this thread is obselete. I've already added everything (except the Link sheet, which I am reworking) to the official submissions system, so (hopefully) all of my art should be on the site soon. Big Grin
Err, haven't looked too deep into that, but I think you iz. Sweet pixels though.
Looking good =)
Are the Undertale Monsters ripped or custom?
(01-13-2014, 05:39 PM)Ton Wrote: [ -> ]Are the Undertale Monsters ripped or custom?
Seeing as how all of the other sheets were, it's safe to say that it is also custom, so I've accepted it on the site as such.