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Full Version: Sonic Sounds Complete
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Made this last year. Decided to submit these to Sounds Resource because I'm sick to death of the low quality Sonic game samples in circulation. Copied post from Sonic Retro:

Hi Retro, it is I, the great and noble Lange.
I took it upon myself to rip sounds from every classic Sonic game into samples. I have noticed too many faults with other attempts to rip Sonic sounds, most commonly being poor sample rate. I ensured these sounds to be high quality and as accurate as possible.

Update: Sonic Advance 1, 2, 3, and Sonic Battle have been added. Also, fixed the spindash rev sound in Sonic Spinball with an HQ filtered version.

Here is the full archive:
Sonic Sounds Complete

Games covered (individual downloads):
Sonic 1
Sonic 2
Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Sonic 3D Blast
Sonic Spinball
Sonic CD
Knuckles Chaotix
Sonic Triple Trouble
Sonic Advance
Sonic Advance 2
Sonic Advance 3
Sonic Battle
Misc - Various Jingles

Here is the text in the readme file. It explains this project in great detail, so please read or at least skim through it before any questions, as it covers about everything obvious and not so obvious.

In summary:
Uses emulators with accurate sound emulation and proper settings.
Rips every sound in each game's sound test, with little to no bias, ignoring doubles and only naming by number.
Has additional material such as S3&K's sustainable sounds and various jingles.
Every sound is cropped and no normalization is used on volumes, to preserve the true volume differences between sounds.
Every sound is 44100, Stereo, 16 bit.

I would like to add that soundtracks for these games can be acquired in vgm format and rendered to wavs or mp3s. For those who don't know, vgm is an emulated format. It stores the music data the same way the games do, and thus the file sizes are tiny, but they are rendered in real time as if played right out of the console, so they are also the highest quality solution. I mention this not just because its useful information, but certain tunes and jingles from these games can be acquired this way. This covers the GG/SMS games' jingles not included here.

Use the in_vgm for playing vgm/vgz files. It is compatible with Winamp and XMPlay.
Such soundtracks in this format can be found at:
Project 2612 for Genesis games.
SMS Power for Game Gear and Master System games.
Zophar's Domain (the music section) for other GG/SMS games missing from SMS Power. Don't trust this site for its Genesis rips though as they do not seem to be as properly made as Project 2612's.

You might have already noticed that emulated formats span other consoles as well. If you make a point of moving to these for your game soundtracks instead, they'll shave off hundreds of mb on your disk used up by mp3s, and you'll have them in perfect quality.

Well there it is fellas. I would like to hear your thoughts.
hey, welcome to the site! all I have to say is wow. that's a lot of text. but I read all of it and I have to say I'm really impressed by your dedication.
so let's see here, the inside of the submissions look good, they'll need to be re-packed as .ZIP though as that's what the new site is migrating to.
idk if we can accept the misc. jingles, we'll have to check them to see if they seem like sounds or music.
and uh, I can't think of much else to say, but I'll work on getting these up once the sites are all done and we can upload things.
Great to hear it. I want these to be public so they can flush out the current plague of low-fi Sonic samples that have been stagnating for a decade (I mean literally a decade, that's all there's been). Games made in engines like Sonic Worlds all inherit the crap samples used in the engine since those were the only options. It's got to stop lol.
Not to mention a great deal of these sounds have never been ripped.

The jingles, obviously those would be up for discretion, they are not really necessary and can be omitted if need be.
I saw this on Retro ages ago and wished you would come here or provide your sounds to us. I've been getting a lot of wishful presents lately~
Thank goodness for these. Smile
You're a hero to us all.
Hm, I'm surprised one of the other admins didn't get to uploading these. I'll go do so right now!

(EDIT: Done. However, being music-based, we can't add the jingles to the website. Everything else is up though!)
Dazz/Gors said the jingles are sounds? But I agree I guess.
What do the jingles consist of?
(09-25-2013, 09:42 PM)Ton Wrote: [ -> ]What do the jingles consist of?
Level Clear, Chaos Emerald fanfares, Drowning, Game Over, Continue, and a few other short tunes.
Continue jingle is a sound; all others are music. Done.

I'm going by sound IDs, by the way :V
Hey my submissions made it, thanks.