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Full Version: Sonic The Hedgehog NES
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[Image: aCgxUxT.png]
Here are my sheet from Sonic from Sonic 3D Blast 5, but is not finished yet because i still trying to remade the unused edge animations.
woah neat!
I need some help with this unused sprites, so here are a tileset
[Image: 2gm9qty.png]
Also include pallete
[Image: j9pUIstmfhIQ0.png]

Tried a little bit around. The picture is optimized for a 8x8 grid, you can also assemble the tiles easier without the space between them.
[Image: rglEWGN.png]
Thanks Davy Jones
Coming soon i rip more
Would you mind making a section icon?
[Image: bUHjJE2.png]
[Image: AIIKA84.png]
Thanks! I guess I overlooked the fact that we already had a section for it. Would you happen to know why there's a "Sonic Jam 6" sheet in there too?
sonic jam 6 are only a pirate game from sega genesis with sonic in super mario bros
It's in the same section as the stuff from this game, though. Do you know if there's a reason for that?
no, i don`t know
[Image: x7oyWLk.png]
Lol! I absolutely love bootlegs. You rock.
Up! And I guess I'll delete that other Sonic sheet?
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