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so yeah self explanatory post whatever web comic you fell in love with

and yeah everybody knows about homestuck get over it

this is perfect

[Image: Cucumber_Quest_Cover_DC1.png]

perfect perfection
also this one (though it probably doesn't need to be said)

Now, to be honest, I haven't really been watching this anymore, but I used to love it, so yeah, I'll just post it anyways...
Well, I run one but I rather mention another...

This is a MUCH better sequel to Dragon ball Z than that other one... And I am still surprised at how many people don't know about this.
[Image: header4.gif]
[Image: b7da1942585904048b6a5c20743710981660158429.png]

bumping because of 2 amazing things

[Image: tumblr_mmyt9l46LR1qc3v1yo1_500.png]

Hanna is not a Boy's Name

I'm so so so so so so very sorry.
@Kat, THAT IS AN EXCEPTIONALLY pretty good webcomic
This is probably one of my favorite webcomics (not counting the ones that have already been posted lol)
Uhg, don't tell them that!!!!!!! Now no one will read it, despite it being good. I also started reading it from the beginning so I know.
(09-23-2013, 06:46 AM)Lexou Duck Wrote: [ -> ][Image: tumblr_mmyt9l46LR1qc3v1yo1_500.png]
This is really awesome : O
I love the art style and how expressive the skulls are!

I just wish there was a little more (I know it takes forever and it's only in chapter 2 but I'm definitely following this)

Has anybody checked this out? Basically the sequel to the SMB movie. Takes elements of the movie + SMB2. Pretty neat.
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