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Full Version: NES: Darkman Sprites
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[Image: DarkmanSpritesDonation_zpsefe604f9.png?t=1369586977]
Finally, Darkman sprites! I was going to try to rip them, but they became increasingly difficult for me

Good job!
awesome, could you make an icon? we have an Icon Maker and an in-browser version.
[Image: bth_Darkmanicon_zpsfc72a3ba.png?t=1369659498]

[Image: Darkmanicongame_zps1788bef9.png?t=1369662844]
It's up. I saw you thanked it, Jetters, but I wasn't sure if you'd saved it or not.
nah, cause I didn't thank the sheet's post. sorry about that heh, guess I should try to cut back on the thanks a bit. Tongue
thanks for grabbing it!