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Full Version: Torch's Fiery Rips
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Xevious, an NES shoot em up ripped with Animget.


Ground Enemies

[Image: 05iPULc.png]

No, its not resized, thats how the pixels were in game, they were twice as tall in a 1x focus.
looks great! Big Grin
They're twice the si-


Oh. Carry on.
[Image: ib23Q7MJHonWvU.png]

Maybe it's the used size, but not the native resolution in which they were created. A simple note is enough to point this out.
I looked at some screenshots of the game (ie [1], [2]) and assume that your emualtor window may be too large, displaying everything scaled. The NES' native resolution is 256x240 (256x224 for NTSC), so your emulated view should have that size, too.
Thanks Davy Jones for arranging my sheet making an Icon and fixing the crédit tag Big Grin As for the sheet you can simply scale it down twice its size, thanks for noticing guys.

Il scale it down soon.
actually you don't have to, we'd just upload Davy's edit since he went to the trouble of organizing it and all. Tongue
also I guess the note about the scaling thing can be removed from it as well.
oh welp we don't have a section icon for Xevious or a screenshot of the gameplay for one.
I know and I was just making one when I saw this message, coincidence huh?

Im having problems with the in browser icon maker, can anyone make an icon using this?

[Image: wSV2jE9.png]

Thanks for the help guys
made one and it's up now. Big Grin