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Full Version: WWF Royal Rumble in Bare Knuckle 3
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Hello everyone

I was lucky to find the Undertaker and Doink Clown from this site, all i want to say is the owner rips the sprites completely. I can finally use in Bare Knuckle 3 as a part of MOD.

However i did display both credits for Spriter's Resources and the owner of the sprites on the YouTube public description.

Here is a video of the entire MOD of Bare Knuckle 3
I moved this to our Game Dev section as it fits in there better, being a mod of a game. It'd be sweet if you could tell us more about what you're doing there, though!

When i was looking for Undertaker and Doink clown's sprites i did't know that not all moves were perfect for Bare Knuckle series.

So i make some adjustments to match the action performs well in the game, also try to let them fight with combos and specials like the Original Bare Knuckle series.

The aim is to make full use of the sprites and create nice fighting combos not just using a sprites in the game myself but to deliver spectacular fight style in the game.
You, sir, are awesome! This was the entire reason I ripped the sprites, to make a brawler. I thought the moves would be great in a game like this. I just never got very far doing it (I was going for a web game using javascript), so I am glad you did!

By the way, all of the characters are ripped out of SNES's WWF Royal Rumble game.

Congratulations on the mod, good luck in the future, and thanks for the credit!
Hey Napalm

Yes you guys and the forum actually deserved the credits, well we may look forward to your other sprites next time, we even seen Yoko and Bret heart as well and we even notice that they were rip by you.

Keep up the effort.
A WWF Brawler? Sign me up! This looks like a great Mod! And big thanks to the guys who ripped those sprites for it!
Hi jad4321,

I was wondering whether i could put in the Mortal Kombat sprites into Bare Knuckle 3 if i have time again. But the problem is" there's some Scorpion sprites here, they say NO CREDITS NEEDED BUT DON'T STEEL"

So how am i able to use the sprites in this situation?