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Full Version: Ducktales NES
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Okay first off anyone can use this thread for more of the sprites from the Original Ducktales game for NES. That is if they want to.

I am back again with another sheet though it isn't a very large sheet. Still it has a good bit of information in it.

[Image: NES-DuckTales-MessageorInfoBoxesandText.png]

[Image: NES-DuckTales-MessageorInfoBoxesandTextIcon.png]
icon leads to icon plus wrong font colour.
Sorry about that I went to sleep after I edited the sheet and reuploaded it in the wrong folder...

also I used a very old tutorial I saved for the icon. Fixed the icon and broken link though you might have to force refresh (Ctrl + F5).
Got another sheet for you for this game.

[Image: NES-DuckTales-MrMcDuck.png]

[Image: NES-DuckTales-MrMcDuckIcon.png]
the icon shouldn't say "Main Character" as that'll be obvious when he is put under the Playable Character section. Tongue
Plus, can you put some space between the chars and get rid of the duplicates? Mirrored sprites are useless, everyone can do it on his own.

Best title for the icon would be Scrooge McDuck, since this is his full name referenced in show, comic and game.
And I updated them both. You might have to force a refresh to see the changes.
Looks good, but keep in mind there are unique sprites for all three endings.
(04-04-2013, 04:54 PM)Random Talking Bush Wrote: [ -> ]Looks good, but keep in mind there are unique sprites for all three endings.

Thanks I'll find and capture those next and add them to the sheet.

Also I found a little more to the level Select screen while trying to make sure and get the rest of the McDuck sprites so I updated my first ever TSR sheet (submitted on one of the older forums...)

[Image: NES-Ducktales-TitleandLevelSelect.png]

I hope this helps and isn't to much trouble...
did anybody upload these?
I didn't. I was waiting for the final updates.
oh okay guess this is another thread where we gotta wait for the OP. Sick
Okay I'm still working on getting the last sprites that RandomTalkingBush informed me of. Other then that though the other sheet is an update to a sheet I gave a long time back.