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Full Version: Pac-Land NES
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[Image: Efbh3Re.png]

[Image: fbNybgM.png]

[Image: fieDsdY.png]

New stuff for The Spriters Resource
hello Sad

A little bit more patience, the moderators and admins are normal people like you and me and have a private life too.
Why did you pick that shade of orange for the background color? It blends in way too well with some of the sprites.
I recommend a shade of magenta, which is a color not used in the sprites.
Or you could use a more advanced image editor like The GIMP or Photoshop to set an alpha transparent background!
I will change them, hang on...

EDIT: oh damn ninja'd, sorry Davy I already did Pac-Man in magenta. Very Sad
(I used your other one though)
Much better! Smile
the car are unused
Sorry for the bump, but nice rip! Smile

I never noticed those unused cars in the game. They're in the arcade version, and definitely missing from the final NES version! Nice find.