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Full Version: tSRCompo 17: Pac-Man Reimagined
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[Image: Km4Fr1Y.png]

I know the last compo's deadline had been extended and whatnot, but since there's been absolutely no response I don't think there'll be any more submissions (besides we still have this thread), so I thought I'd go ahead and make the next one; mostly to put up this poll here, too.

tSRCompo 17: Pac-Man Reimagined

As the title suggests, the task is to reimagine Pac-Man. Away from the circular pill-eater and bed sheet ghosts. What I want to see is a complete overhaul!
Pac-Man as a muscular guy swallowing energy drinks, Pac-Man as a fat burger-eater, the ghosts as ferocious monsters with fangs and claws, a stone-age setting, RPG or Jump'n'Run sprites - anything goes that isn't Pac-Man while it still is Pac-Man!

Entries due to friday, 2013-03-29.
PLOT TWIST! The maze was a haunted mansion the whole time!

[Image: 051cae97e9bce61b7047d27f26c0a684.png]
I didn't really have a lot of time to make it, but I decided to add a "k" to pac-man just to see what would happen Smile (supposed to be a backpack anyway, doesn't really look like one...)
it's a bit random and could use a lot of work, but I really don't have the time at the moment
[Image: pack-man.png]