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Full Version: TSR COMPO 15: It's A Vote, Man
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(02-21-2013, 08:43 PM)Sevenstitch Wrote: [ -> ]TSR COMPO 15: It's A Trip, Man

Can't you feel the love in here man? Far out, man.

For this compo, you have to make a psychedelic, groovy, trippy version of someone else's ref.
That is, you have to make your own interpretation of the ref, with retro 60's/70's influences.

There is no need to "claim" refs, any ref can be used as many times as necessary.
It would be great if a wide variety of refs showed up though :)

There are no size or palette restrictions for this compo, but the entry must have both a sprite of
your chosen ref AND a background to accompany it.

If you are confused as to what a "ref" is, It stands for "reference character."
Check either the current or old Love Threads for ref ideas.

Not much activity this time, but it's been dragging on a bit and I doubt there will be more anytime soon (If you still want to make something, take a look at this fine topic).

The winner is Virtuaboy123. Special thanks to Hiyna S. Blackfeather!