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Full Version: Kid Chameleon
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Hello there! As I was working on my "Super Mario Bros Fusion" game I tried to find Kid Chameleon sound rips on the internet but without any success, so I decided to rip some to the best of my ability. There are a lot sound clips missing but it's mainly because I find it really hard to rip them (Yes, I'm a sound-rip noob). If anyone wants to contribute to the list, feel free to do so, it would be highly appreciated.

Here is the link for the sound rips:

The list of sounds so far:

Block Break
Laugh Pitched
Level Score
Original Special
Rubber Block
Samurai Special Down
Sword Slash (Not Perfect, but still better than nothing I thought)
Hey, I recently have been ripping the whole list of music and sound effects from Kid Chameleon, here is an overview of the list Kid Chameleon Wikia

The music is made with Kega Fusion vgm log, and are trimmed with vgmrips (the files that are now available are WAV)
At this moment i am not satisfied with the looped music files because of the 40 second fading out. It's not a big problem i guess, but i do want update those.
Only no sure how, at this moment Tongue

hey uh, hi-jacking threads isn't really nice unless you've discussed it with the OP, but... I was on the fence about this anyway, so if you ripped some new ones and all I have to do is upload them, then I will have a look at them.
Well i just want to share this with you Resource, and this is the Kid Chameleon thread. I thought it would be unnecessary to make an whole new thread, but i do understand your point now Shy

Yes, I appreciate if you look at it and maybe upload it. at this point there's nothing of Kid Chameleon Unimpressed