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Full Version: TSR Compo Vol.14: VOTING
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(02-09-2013, 10:31 AM)Bombshell93 Wrote: [ -> ]tSR Compo Vol.14: Super Capes!

The task for this tSR competition is make something with a cape, it doesn't matter what, a duck, a planet, a shoe, a person, anything goes! Just make sure it has a cape!

there must be a background (bland horizon is fine but an actual background like a city scape, mountain range, etc. is preferred),
any resolution / colour selection goes,
there must be a cape!

You can submit up until the 18th
Have fun!

vote away.
It's funny how even though there was no size restriction, all of the pieces are about the same dimensions Big Grin
I guess it's time to announce the winner?

The cape goes to Sevenstitch (7), followed closely by Baegal (6), way ahead of Virtuaboy123 (2) and some others.

Thanks to everyone for participating!
oh dang I keep forgetting to do that lol.
How long does voting normally last? 24 hours?
Congrats Sevenstitch Smile
yup it lasts a day. Genki ^_^
Thanks Baegal, I appreciate it Smile

I'll post a new compo within the next day or so, I have to think of one first though Shy