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Full Version: tSR Compo Vol.14: Super Capes!
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tSR Compo Vol.14: Super Capes!

The task for this tSR competition is make something with a cape, it doesn't matter what, a duck, a planet, a shoe, a person, anything goes! Just make sure it has a cape!

there must be a background (bland horizon is fine but an actual background like a city scape, mountain range, etc. is preferred),
any resolution / colour selection goes,
there must be a cape!

You can submit up until the 18th
Have fun!
Geez, this one seems simple, but I'm finding the lack of restrictions is actually making it more difficult for me!
I've got a vague idea of my entry, but that blank canvas syndrome is a killer.. still an interesting compo theme nonetheless!

Good luck to everyone!

EDIT: Well, I'm starting to flesh out an Idea, so I figured I plunk a WIP here.

[Image: Cape%28Bean%29temp.png]

For Clarity's sake,It's suppose to be a King Mean Bean
more to come I hope
Lets Get ridiculous!

[Image: 6394f893f94bb7ba1c2fe3dfe344174e.png]
I would make something for this but I have no ideas atm...
What about Mighty Jetters?
Here's a something.
[Image: i2VxgLZOyzuaO.png]
This totally counts as a cape btw
(02-14-2013, 07:23 PM)Baegal Wrote: [ -> ]What about Mighty Jetters?

well I don't think I really want to sprite a Bomberman for the second time in a row or I would have done Mighty.
I may come up with something tomorrow if I still feel like competing.
also I don't care for the girl Mighty tbh...
Another WIP

[Image: cape%20compo%20entry.png]

[Image: cape%20compo%20entry2x.png]

I'm not really happy with the boy, or the faux menus, and the background isn't complete.

Hopefully I'll get this finished by the next day or so.
[Image: nA7V7SI.png]
If I don't add anything else, consider this my finished product
based off of this image
I'm pretty sure this is finished

[Image: cape%20compo%20entry2.png]

[Image: cape%20compo%20entry2%202x.png]
Femto has cape too
Retro FF style.
[Image: femtoff3.png]
Might do a mock up too