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Full Version: tSR Compo Vol.12: Great Battle - VOTING
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(01-03-2013, 07:16 PM)Virtuaboy123 Wrote: [ -> ]As a fan of kaiju and mecha, watching movies or playing games containing either always get my attention.(heck my character is basically gigantor/tetsujin)
Which brings us to the new competition of the Year!

-Maximum Canvas size is 192X192
-16 color maximum
-Doesn't matter whats fighting so long as they are giant!!!(humans can be used but only in an army form)
-Location of the battle must be either be a city, or in space
-Can use preexisting monsters and mecha if you want, create your own dream battle

I'm sorry I didn't participate in this compo, the subject was really interesting and I would have loved
to make an entry, but I just didn't have the time. Sad These last few weeks have been really hectic.
It's ok you weren't the only one and you can always make an out-of-competition entry whenever you want, we even have a thread for that!

This round's winner is Previous (19), followed closely by Sengineer, ShadeDBZ and Bombshell93! Thanks to everyone for participating!

I... will come up with a new topic later. Embarassed