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Full Version: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Sound Effects
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Doing the same thing with my Mystery Dungeon rip, I present what should be all sound effects (minus instrument samples an' such).
The DC is a bit... Weird... It gradually moves towards the top, causing a pop at the end of every sound. Here's a screenshot from Audacity with three random samples loaded.
[Image: GSDDSFX_zpsea632300.png]

Why is that? Could it be fixed?

Other than that, this is a awesome collection. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is one of my favorite games and I love being able to listen to any of its sounds just like that.
I'm not sure why they're like that, I mean some of the sound files I left out of the release above do the same thing so it isn't from the compression/decompression. Could be the program I used when it converts to .wav, but I don't know for sure. Gonna Puke
it would be appreciated if you could try to re-convert the sounds that have issues with another tool then, to see if they are meant to be that way or not. you can try this if you are getting them as .SDATs.
if you can't or they are meant to be like that, then I'll upload them, but for now I'll wait on this.
bump hoping OP comes back again this month since he was on last month.
(04-25-2013, 11:35 PM)Axle the Red Wrote: [ -> ]bump hoping OP comes back again this month since he was on last month.

I've re-ripped the files using vgmstream, and they have the same output as the OP's submission. It seems to be the way they were added to the game.
Oh wow, thank you for checking that! These are up now~