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Full Version: tSR Compo Vol. 11: Neko's Challenge
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Since I've created a competition before, I'll leave this to my fictional buddy, Neko the Bouncy Cat.

Neko: Nya!

"Ladies and Gentlecats, it's time to go feline!
Create a custom sprite of an original or existing feline character. It can be a cat-girl, a realistic cat or a cute anthro kitty like me! That's the only rule! Go nuts!"

You've heard the cat. This compo's theme is 'cats'.
You have until December 29th. Let end this year with cats! Meow!
I've not entered a pixel art competition before, so I guess I'll bring my A-Game,
I'll be spriting myself this fluffy character who I'm naming "Randy Puss" no dirty pun intended.
[Image: E2EF1.png]
CATS!! Big Grin

[Image: UiezC.png] Genki ^_^
if someone doesnt sprite felicia i'm issuing bans

(i'm just kidding i'm not)

(someone sprite felicia)
[joke] [Image: joke.png] [/joke]

Seriously though, I"m going to try to have an entry done for this compo, but I"ll be leaving
the state on holiday the 21st, and wont be back until the 3rd of next month, sans computer.
say hi Mr Manny-manman Pus!
*incomprehensible growl*

[Image: manlymanmanpus.png]
[Image: reggie.png]

("8bit" is the indie way of saying "lazy")
Thunder Thunder Thunder.... Meowth that's right!
(meh i'm more of a dog person)
[Image: meowtheo.png]

almost forgot to post
final: [Image: meowtho.png]
[Image: fqdLF.png][Image: aB4rk.png]
still a WIP, the pig pic needs quite a bit of work, the sprite, I'll aim to make jump, run and shoot animations.
EDIT: second image is an attempt to make the sprite work better against light backgrounds.

EDIT: @sengineer *naive indie way of saying lazy
occasionally you do see works made in 8-bit that blow your mind
[Image: mAcyy.png]
:p Samurai Cat early stage..
[Image: Nide8.png]
(12-27-2012, 03:16 PM)Previous Wrote: [ -> ][Image: Nide8.png]

I like it only thing is they look more like chihuahuas
maybe place the ears closer to the top of the head?
Those who know my kittens know that ears have always been an issue ;-)

[Image: wVvlM.png]

I hope this is better.
they still look too much like chihuahuas

cats have more oval/teardrop-shaped eyes and less round eyes
[Image: cateyes.png]
they should be more like the top, and less like the bottom

also, you may want to consider making the snouts/mouths stick out more from the face
as they currently are they appear to be kind of flat on the face like a human or a pug or small dog or something
they need to stick out a little bit like an actual cat. note nicktendo ds' avatar, for example.
They're hand puppets actually which is why their heads are spheres and their eyes round knobs.
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