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Full Version: Dōbutsu no mori 64 rips
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Gradually pulling these out over the next few days, thought they might have a use on this site. These are from the Japanese-only Dōbutsu no Mori or Animal Forest as it is called in English. It is on the N64.

Originally they were just for personal use. My method of ripping requires me to find the textures by playing the game through, but should have them all by the end of the week.

I was going to put them on Spriter's but most are better off called Texture's. (EDIT: I originally posted these in Spriter's but I decided to move them here.)

Dobutsu no Mori 64 icon:

#1- Bug List

#2- Bug Cages

#3- Fish List

#4- Fish Tanks
Mods can move threads you know. Tongue
(11-20-2012, 07:24 AM)Mighty Jetaku Wrote: [ -> ]Mods can move threads you know. Tongue

I know, but it was late in the day, there was no one else online...thought I'd improvise myself Wink.

So, I heard you like icons. For textures they should be purple right?
(11-20-2012, 12:30 PM)Silversea Wrote: [ -> ]I know, but it was late in the day, there was no one else online...thought I'd improvise myself Wink.

I just got up around the time you made this thread here :>

(11-20-2012, 12:30 PM)Silversea Wrote: [ -> ]So, I heard you like icons. For textures they should be purple right?

I really think the fish, bugs and items could be organized better. There's a lot of blank space that doesn't need to be there.
Also this is probably arguable by some but the bugs, fish, "flora" and items are more sprites and would go on TSR. Only the tanks and stuff I would classify as textures because well, they're used on models and stuff.
So just leave this thread here, and make TSR icons (red) for all of them except for the tanks, for which you'd make a purple TTR icon for. I'll take care of the rest. Wink
Personally, I'd put the items sheet onto tSR, as those are menu sprites. Same goes for the icons (on the left) on the fish and insect sheets, but the fish and insects are textures (put on flat surfaces, sure, but heh). Flora would be textures. I'd judge this mostly on whether they're displayed in 3D space (overworld) or on an orthogonal, fixed view (menu, HUD). Similar to my AC:WW rips, you know~
Oh okay. I never thought of it that way. That works then. I've always judged the difference between sprites and textures were that sprites were just like, single graphics while textures were blocks or chunks of "scrambled" graphics (or otherwise just looking "texturey"), whether or not they are meant to fit on models.
Well I just go by my experience of what you accepted from me~
Well TBH I accepted them on TTR because I either wasn't paying attention at all and/or I figured you knew what belongs on TTR, so... IDK if you should base your thoughts on my previous actions... Sick
I really want to say that those items and other small little sprite-like things are sort of sprites but I'm kinda inclined to go with your theory I guess...?
Sheesh Mighty Jetters, just because it's me doesn't mean I have to be unquestionabl correct and right! ^^"
Personally, I usually judge it by whether it lives in a 3D environment or not, more or less. There are plenty other ways to decide, certainly, but that one appears to make the most sense to me.
When I was ripping random AC:WW graphics in 2010-ish, I came across two sets for fish and insects, one from the museum lists, one from the overworld, and decided to submit the first to tSR and the latter to tTR based on said decision scheme. Ultimecia uploaded them so I figured it was alright.
That's all I know.

You should go by whatever you think is right. It's really your decision, I'm just offering my opinion and I didn't mean to make you insecure.
Well I think that's an okay opinion too because often times people include "sprites" in with textures, and it makes uploading complicated. If it has textures on it it shouldn't go on TSR, but if it has mostly sprites on it, it'd be better not to go on TTR, even though I imagine it's not really a huge fault if either Resource gets either one. I just like to keep things separated as much as possible based on what I think of it.

I guess I can also go by whether it has mostly textures or sprites on it too...? But then those could possibly come in even amounts... Blargh. :I
In my opinion, the inventory icons are the only "sprites" here. But really I wouldn't mind calling them all sprites. The flower textures are 2D, so are the trees and lily pads. Nothing about this game is "3D" apart from the character models and terrain. Even the trees are just stuck on 2d planes.

I wouldn't mind having them all in one place though. If some are on texture and some are on sprites it gets complicated.

I'll see if I can organize them better too. I kind of assumed you weren't so tight on that so I was lazy in organization.
I see these as sprites, as I also do with the explosions from Wind Waker; technically, they are.
Textures are attached to 3D planes and warp with the model. Sprites remain flat.
So for example, food in Smash Bros use sprites. But most items are 3D models with textures.
That's my exact view. Good to know you agree.
Hmm, considering the bug cages are a cube with a picture on each side (and not warped around the model) can they be considered sprites?

Well anyway I have the first two up there, condensed into smaller files and with icons. Let me know if I need to adjust anything else. Sometimes the links to the icons go funny, so you might have to manually go to my gallery and find them:
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