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Full Version: TSR's Most Wanted- Round 2
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Y'arr! Ye may be remembrin' out last topic from a few years back. Well we got some more landlubbers we be on the look out fer!
Thanks to everyone who helped us make those last sheets walk the plank!

1. Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi (Battle)
Game: Partners in Time

AJ Nitro did a fantastic job ripping the overworld versions of these. He got burned out on the DS ripping (who can blame him?) and decided to leave the rest for now. They're still out there waiting to be sheeted! Is anyone up to the challenge?

2. Bowser, Mario, and Luigi
Game: Bowser's Inside Story

A huge number of Bowser's battle sprites are done, but he's still at large when it comes to his overworld. Rumor has it thar's a sheet out there somewhere that Ridge started. Perhaps yer first clue is there.
The Brothers themselves have only the bare minimum complete. The good news is that the Bros attacks are done, so the only things to worry about are their stand-alone sprites.

3. Sketch Turner
Game: Comix Zone

For one of the most popular Genesis games, we don't have much. Belial got a lot of the enemies, but Sketch remains at large. Bring him in, if you think you can, and maybe some of his enemies while you're at it.

4. Vectorman
Game: Vectorman 1 & 2

Same as above. We've got next to nothing for one of the most popular Genesis series. He can be a little tricky with his pseudo-3D. Good luck! I don't know if the same sprites are used in both games.
Watch as someone finishes ripping from the M&L games and Yoshi Magic gets an update supporting the OW and battle sprites. Tongue
Probably. Just gotta bide our time til 3DS ripping is doable. Tongue
Ton, just a few quick corrections to make. All the Adult's/Babies overworlds are 100% complete as far as I know. The only battles we need are:

- Mario Battle (not complete)
- Baby Mario Battle
- Baby Luigi Battle
- Mario & Baby Mario Battle
- Luigi & Baby Luigi Battle
- Plus the poses where each bro helps out the other. This one for example.

Ya, I just copied that list right from my post from the project thread. Plus, I'm sure there might be a few NPC's that need to be re-ripped. I know Yoob does for sure, but I don't think those are too important right now.

Also, I found this over at MFGG. Maybe some could complete the rest for them?
Thanks, AJ! Corrected!
I'm currently doing Mario Battle for BiS. I've been using Luigi Battle as reference for which sprites to get, but I noticed that it's been missing a couple of sprites (such as poisoned, or using an item on himself) so I'll add those too. Probably the same deal with Bowser.
The only problem is that once a bro heals himself, the animation of rubbing their stomach is partly obscured by effects, which are on the same layer. I can't separate them, but I will try and put bits together (the animation loops a few times so maybe I can find frames that reveal bits that were obscured previously).

As for the overworld sprites, no idea how to get those. The current Mario ones are also sort of half-done, I mean you've got jumping and walking for all eight directions, but only hammering for horizontal.
Getting the sprites inside Bowser's body is easy, but outside almost everything is on the same layer. So if anybody knows how Wiiboy got the jumping/walking sprites that'd help.
Does anyone use the OAM Viewer or anything? Might reveal the sprites?
I thought that you would eventually be able to do that with Yoshi Magic.
The OAM viewer (or any of DeSmuME's tools) gave nothing useful, at least for me. I do think that Yoshi Magic can do it eventually, with the great work they've done with SS and PiT I hope that it'll be able to view BiS sprites before too long.
Years ago, I did work on a rip of Sketch Turner (and have shown this in the past) but gave up since it was very early on when I was very inexperienced plus it was a bit more work than some games.

The thing is that if you capture Sketch, you get an oval shadow that isn't meant to be part of the sprite (some rips of the enemies on the site have that shadow) so you have to use the sprite feature on GensKMod for his feet. It's okay say when he's standing or walking but attacking would be very hard to get. There might be a chance where I can rip from the game but might need extra help. Probably the right way would be to figure out how to decompress the ROM but sadly lack that knowledge to even start thinking about it, there is a Comix Zone patent here saying that it uses a type of LZSS compression though just in case.

As for Vectorman, there are tiles in the ROM but not very well known on Vectorman (have played it but not very much since can't get far) so no clue what thing it is. Also the actual Vectorman character himself is made of small sprites layered and if needed rotated as well as palette changes (such as the hardware shadow and highlight feature) like when he shoots, he lights up or when he is under a platform, he gets darker.
I'm so glad people are looking into these. Smile
Did Tonberry say he was gonna add any Looney Tunes games to his blank-em-up project?
Unfortunately no, unless there are any Looney Tunes beat-em-ups or shoot-em-ups.
A three-year break is probably long enough. I'll commit to finishing Bowser Overworld and Battle, no flukes this time (really!). Should I post progress in the old BIS ripping thread...?
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