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Full Version: All Cut The Rope Sprites
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I ripped all of the Cut The Rope Sprites. Here they are:

Have Fun!
These are good but I don't think you need the coding stuff in there
Yeah you basically just need to remove the "__MACOSX" folder, the ".DS_STORE" file and "menu_strings.xml" file as we don't have any need for those. Tongue
Mac users, by default, can't see any files that begin with a period, hence the .DS_STORE file, so I guess we can forgive him on that. Smile
is it okay for me to put all the desktop.ini and thumbs.db into submission zips then?


There's various Zip-Cleaning apps for Mac which remove all these nonsense files from zips. Wink
Sorry about that! I forgot to take that one out.
I just deleted the Mac files and uploaded.