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Full Version: (Metroid) No Shinespark Sprites
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So, other than Fusion, I've noticed that every 2-D Metroid game that has the Speed Booster is missing Shinespark rips. Now, I have no idea how to rip, so is there any chance somebody could remedy this? Question
This question is leaning way too close to the form of a request. I understand that you might not be trying to request straight-up, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait until you have 20 posts + a month of membership and then post in the Requests section.

Alternatively you could learn how to rip yourself. If you're up for it, look for some tutorials on the site and Google.
Yep, request. Sorry pal, but I can't let you do that...

If you want to rip them yourself: You'll need a ROM of any game you want to rip from. I think Emulator-Ripping should be the easiest way? So, grab an Emulator for the desired system, at best one with a sprite/tile viewer (for the SNES; vSnes is neat, too, to get graphics from zSnes savestates). GBA: Visual Box Advance. If you're lucky, you'll find savestates or cheats for said game so you can get the shinespark immediately so all you'll have to do is perform it and rip the graphics when they're displayed!