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Full Version: Sierra Games
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OK, so I have multiple posts for different Sierra games, but it was suggested that I create one thread for all their games.

I really want to create sprite sheets for all these Sierra games, but there are just SO many assets, that one person cannot do it all alone. I have ripped them all out of the code, so they just need to be pieced together.

I know some people have expressed interest in building sheets for certain Sierra games, so I'm trying to remove the burden of taking screenshots and editing.

Therefore, I have set up a website the help ease the process.

-It contains all the assets, split up by type (backgrounds, animations, animation frames), game, and game-series.

-It allows for viewing the backgrounds and animations, with delayed loading, so only the images on screen will display, saving a buttload of bandwidth for both the server and the user.

-It allows for downloading the assets in zip files, which are broken into types for each game, so the file sizes are much smaller.

All the graphical assets are there for the following games:
-Kings Quest 1-6 (including both versions of #1)
-Police Quest 1-3 (including both versions of #1)
-Space Quest 1-6 (including both versions of #1)
-Quest for Glory 1-4 (including both versions of #1)
-Leisure Suit Larry 1-6 (including both versions of #1, and excluding 4 obviously)
-Hoyle 1-3
-Shivers 1
-EcoQuest 1

This is not a spam message advertising my site. I built the site this week for the sole purpose of helping this community build sheets for these games.

The link is:
I just noticed the Community Projects section of the forum. Should "Sierra Games" be a Community Project?
I know Sierra games aren't the biggest interest of this site, but some people want to do them, and I can get all the graphical assets of a ton of these games.

PS. The 34 games listed above are only the ones I've already ripped out, and does not include the many more I can do.