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Full Version: Split from Love Thread
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(08-03-2012, 07:51 AM)Previous Wrote: [ -> ][Image: S4nb0.png]

(Please don't kill me)

this is so bad
this is just

this is really embarrassing
how is this funny or good at all i seriously cannot figure it out
its ok sam i can make one of those for you too
no i am really curious
your video is basically just, these users exist, they have names that are compound nouns
All love is pretty much "these users exist so I'll make something of them"

except it's kind
I'm sorry dude but i just don't

Understand The Concept of Love
And I don't understand the concept of bashing love that was intended for other people???
If they enjoy it, it's not your place to say it's terrible without being constructive in any way.
[Image: 6dXjr.jpg]
(08-09-2012, 11:15 AM)Mutsukki Wrote: [ -> ][Image: 6dXjr.jpg]

that can't be sam
y'all told him he wasn't allowed to be a mod
tough on fun and the causes of fun

[Image: JUBo7.gif]
Of course I did, and I stand by that decision. Is this really any way for a mod to behave? I don't intend to start arguing with you here but this needs to be clear from the get-go.
i don't have a single thing i could respond with that's not sassy as hell
Okay kid, party's over, please try not to derail any further.

I'll clean this later~
you guys really enjoy getting to basically engage in awesome flamewars and then sweeping them under the rug so nobody can call your character into question, don't you
You guys also seem to enjoy coming here and starting said flamewars when we were minding our own business.
Quote:i don't have a single thing i could respond with that's not sassy as hell
then you could kindly be quiet, please.

I don't think that common sense is that hard to understand, because there's literally no way to justify your pointless bashing of a gift that was directed to other people, especially if they loved it.

Sure, a gift is not always perfect. But more important than the technical value of that, is the sentimental value that's tied to the gift itself. Saying that is being a complete dick to the gift creator and receiver, and consequently the rest ot the people. If you really wanted to give actual C+C to said work, you could very well send previous a PM and kindly pointing out the errors so he could improve. The fact that you couldn't even think up on that possibility just reinforces the fact that you only posted that to attack people. my humble two cents.

also this ends here, as petie said. please back on topic.
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