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Full Version: Temple Run
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Run from the Monkeys!

[Image: iboNwxVIvsHTO3.png]
[Image: iCTpMkwfEWzUx.png]

The only thing left are the menus because everything else is in 3D.
Both your images link to the icon. Tongue
Are you sure? Looks perfectly fine to me, I see the icon and below it a sheet with all these darn death illustrations.
Same here, that's a perfect rip =)
Do you want me to reupload them somewhere else so that you can see them?
That's not really possible how you guys can see them and they appear as this for me. It's as if you uploaded the same image twice and posted both links thinking that the second one was the sheet. So yeah, I'll need to see the sheet to upload it. Tongue

EDIT: Nevermind! I just needed to hard refresh. It works now. Tongue

EDIT 2: Oh, also need a section icon.
I actually had problems displaying the big sheet in the Preview Post function. Its just a minor glitch, I guess. Section icon coming soon.

EDIT: Hopefully you could see it. Tongue

[Image: iAj7o0TgtC8vh.png]
Huh. I tried to view this image in Paint after sorta reorganizing it in GIMP and all of this showed up.

How its supposed to look.

How it looks in paint.
Does anyone know how to fix this or should I not submit it at all?
Basically you can't open transparent images in Paint because it does not display transparency. The sheet is fine though.
Welp, one month later I realized I forgot to come back to this.
Soooo with that it's finally up.