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Full Version: can someone rip NDS naruto path of the ninja 2
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im looking for some sprites from this game mostly overworld npcs and backgrounds, grounds, objects etc.(for 2d game)

like this:,s:0,i:78

i have found some on internet but is not complete

i cant rip because my NDS emulator dont work
This is a request, which you need to post in the Requests section. And don't complain that you can't yet, there's a reason for that.

Anyway, what do you mean your emulator doesn't work? Maybe we can help and you can then rip yourself?
You can also try ripping tools like Tinke to see if you can extract the sprites that way.
how to use tinke i got list of


what to do here

i cant because i cant press view

error is Save data could not be read, turn the power off and reinsert the game card in NDS emulator how to fix

he4lp pls

76 View but no help assholes
(08-08-2012, 04:54 AM)dendi23 Wrote: [ -> ]76 View but no help assholes
You're too kind~

Locked and warned, also since this is a request outside the request board.

Don't go assuming everyone who looks in here knows how to solve your (poorly reported) problem. "Asshole".
(08-08-2012, 04:54 AM)dendi23 Wrote: [ -> ]76 View but no help assholes

Y'know, I could've just as easily warned you and locked your thread like Previous did, but I chose to try to help you instead and that's what I got? Oh well. Tongue