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Full Version: Spellsword
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Section Icon:
[Image: iZSrokeRyRGQ5.png]

[Image: iW9kzaMb0XO3z.png]
1st stage:
[Image: iy5okrU11G25t.png]
Character sprites:
[Image: inlgiHJWTIPTp.png]

^This one took me while.

Anything wrong? Tell me and I`ll fix when I'm back at my computer.
Aaand they're up! (Sniping Mighty Jetters before she can strike!)
Previous what are you doing? I already uploaded those, and I need to upload everything else myself for the next update!
Man, you guys are really gearing up for a major update! Thanks for the upload you two(?)
Oh no I just saw them on the site, remembered the Q&A thread, checked the submission board, found this thread, and thought I'd post that they're on the site as I had seen them there before you my dear Mighty Jetters could post it?? Smile
Oh I see. Well, I had actually uploaded these, left the thread and went somewhere else for a bit, and then came back and posted. Tongue
My bad!
Silly mods are silly.

[Image: iStXx9KjlLiTo.png] [ [Image: iwLGn4kBdvq2t.png]

The above three are now rendered obsolete due to the latest update. I`ve only updated the accesories but I`ll do the rest soon...

[Image: icraElyhB6l1o.png] [Image: ibtu23ffikiDEE.png] [Image: iBD6T0l0RlpF1.png] [Image: i3vHe0Q7dhDCt.png]

So in the meantime have stages. Wink
WELP only just now getting to these. Sorry!!