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Full Version: Ripping sprites from IOS game
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I've recently fell in love with this Japanese game, i believe its called RPG Batomon Master. Although i can't understand it, you can still play it by its english menu and icons used. What appeals me most about this game is the wonderfully done sprites, here are some screenshots:
Now, I'm kinda of new to ripping sprites but i can do so from most ios games. Except with this game i can't seem to find the image files for the game sprites. (specifically im looking for the monster sprites, i just LOVE those) i believe i might have found the images, but they are in .mif format, which i have never dealt with. I cannot seem to open the sprites whatesover, so does anyone know how this is can be done? Or is there possibly another file format that might be the images for them? Sorry if this is confusing, but basically i wanna open up .mif files (or there could be another source of the sprites which i am unaware of) if you guys need the files, i can post some later on. Thanks to anyone who can help me in this large request! Smile
This game looks very interesting... I wish you luck.

Send me a pm with a bunch of files if you can and I'll take a look for you.
Thanks for takin an interest! I sent you the ios file (which can be opened with something like winrar to view all the files), but if you want the files themselves i will send you those instead.

Heres a screenshot of the stunning battle system:
They are visible using TiledGGD, but they are really, really not easy to rip. It will take a seriously long time to get those properly visible... They're made up by tonnes of little chunks at different widths, I'm not even sure how to display the palettes either... sorry dude.
Darn. well it was worth a shot. Is it ok if I post another request here, or should i make a new topic? I'm als trying to rip from some of the Final Fantasy games on ipod but can't even find image files, but ill post that somewhere else. Do you know of a good ios ripper then? (or is tiledggd the only one?)
Hope I'm not necroposting but it seems that there are no iOS sprite rippers. Only what you find within the games internal files (using whatever method you previously used).

Oh, and I had already taken a peek at FF2 iOS and the only sprites I found were the battle menu icons with a screwed up palette. I have no idea where the actual sprites are. :/
Ya its hard to get the sprites because most of them are in a different file type or encoded into a resource pack. Well, since i think ive gotten what i could this Topic can be closed/locked.