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Full Version: Mario Worlds Engine
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This is an open-source Mario engine for Game Maker 8.0. This engine will have the basic features that a mario game should have.

[Image: BN66i.png][Image: YEMuH.png]
[Image: d3bv9.png]

Latest Update
02/08/2012: Added Donut Lifts and Floating Platforms


Enjoy and give C+C!

I'm open to suggestions Cute
Wow, this seems like a very solid engine. Good work!
Thanks doc.

Jokes I doubt anyone will get aside, this look pretty dang nice to me.
Mario doesn't like to jump at times while running on slopes. JTYSK
(07-25-2012, 03:55 PM)MoneyMan Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks doc.

I am almost tempted to post the original Piccolo Dick image because of this.

Anyways this is a good engine, Although I think more could be done to it but that's just me.

- Added a "Head's Up Display"

- Added Donut Lifts
- Added Floating Platforms