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Full Version: DQ Monster 1+2 Ripping
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First of all, hi I'm new to the forums but have been to TSR since forever ago!

Ok, I'm currently trying to find sprites (mainly the character sets) from the DQ Monsters 1+2 game for PSX, but I can't seem to find any besides the one sheet available:

SO does anyone know where there are more sprites available, specifically the monster overworlds. Or, if anyone know how to rip sprites from the game using a tool or the emulator itself, please tell me! (I have the game in cue file format, and I'm using the ePSXe emulator, maybe it has a way to rip sprites but so far no dice.)

Thanks to anyone who know where to find the spirtes, or how to rip them!
Tool PSX-VRAM and tutorial:

As the character sheet says, I'll not progress as long as there's no translation. But I've only ripped from DQM2 so far and played DQM1 on the gameboy, I'm sure you can get at least the same amount of sprites from that game.
Okay i think i understand how to use the program, but I can't go very far in the game since i dont understand Japanese. So I'm gonna have to wait until an english patch/translation is available.

Btw, it seems the only translation available has stopped, or is this not the case?
Have you tried PSicture?
I just did but it doesn't seem to work with any of the files i have. What does the file format have to be?
It doesn't matter the format, it just searches within files to find any TIM images and displays whatever it can find. You get lucky sometimes, it's a matter of trying.

And did you have it configured to search sub-directories? It's off by default and will literally only search the first layer of file structure.
If PSicture doesn't work: You can always walk around in DQM1 and get as much NPCs as possible. Note: You have to make one quicksave per NPC direction, which makes 3 quicksaves for one NPC.
Ok thanks for all your help guys! I'll try out all of these methods and see which works best Wink